Our vision


We are witnessing unprecedented urban development – cities are changing, growing and accelerating before our eyes.

However, the ways in which we plan and govern and manage our cities today are not always flexible enough to reflect the dynamics of these fast-paced changes. On the contrary, they tend to be rather static rarely responding to current and future needs for long-term sustainable development. Traditional methods of city planning do not adequately react to the specific needs of various human settlements, nor to the ever-changing socio-economic situation of our world. Today’s city authorities generally struggle to use new procedures, technologies and sources of information sufficient enough to reflect the changing ways in which we work and live in.

We want to create smart, resilient, sustainable and competitive cities, which are able to react to the problems of the twenty-first century and are pleasant places to live for their residents. However, new challenges require entirely new methods of management and planning cities and projects.

We, therefore, see the future of urban planning as relying on an open, flexible system of cooperation between independent experts from different sectors.  This method of organization allows us to access not only to the resources that are available to traditional organizations, but to utilize the very best resources there are. As a result, we can react flexibly to current and future challenges our cities face.

This is why we created 4ct. For cites.


A city is made up of people and their activities. In the same way that modern cities have been radically transforming, the ways we work and live are fundamentally changing too.

Working nine to five in an office of a single organization is no longer considered necessary, or even a particularly effective prerequisite for solving the problems of the future. Thanks to innovations in communications technologies, we can work from almost anywhere and at any time. Since no two projects are identical, we need specific proposals and a flexible approach. We need experts across disciplines, who possess specific skillsets, unique know-how and who are able to work on different projects according to the customer’s current needs.

At 4ct, we offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We can find the specific know-how you need for your project and together we can come up with an integrated solution for the development of cities and settlements of all sizes. 

4ct is a network of independent experts, enabling us to build flexible multi-disciplinary teams for specific projects, at any stage.

4ct is a company specializing in the analysis, preparation, setup, process coordination, and management of development projects, enabling effective communication between all the relevant stakeholders.

4ct is a place for sharing experiences, inspiration, innovation, and sustainable solutions.


First and foremost, we want to create a professional tool for experts involved in city planning, as well as for those interested in this field. The 4ct network does not, and will not, focus solely on architects and city planners. To be able to provide an informed and holistic approach to the planning in the 21st century we need specialists in various areas – from public participation, urban design and PR specialists, through analysts, economists and investors, to architects and engineers, all coming together under the leadership of competent project managers. At the same time, we aim to be a respected partner for both the public and private sectors in designing specific projects in cities. Both city councils and private investors should feel that we support them and are an informed and supportive patron of the planning and implementation processes.

Finally, we want to be involved in the process of improving the environment in which we live. We want to be a source of inspiration, while at the same time being inspired. We will work with researchers and academics in the field of urban planning, to embed this discipline as deeply as possible in our regional context and to create cities that are pleasant places in which to live.