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Urban Design Workshop just began

European Centre for Career Education organizes international Architecture & Design Summer Program in Prague oriented towards preparing students for their future careers in architecture, urbanism, urban planning, and development.

4ct team is growing

We´ve welcomed three new members to the 4ct team this week. What is a better way to greet them on board than a gorgeous lunch? Welcome!

Circular Prague

Complex analysis of material streams of Prague

Brownfields conference 2019

"What is the connection between brownfields and the elements of urban planning? What are the possibilities of them being financed in the current Czech conditions, and how is government trying to become actively involved?" This was the main topic of the Brownfields conference 2019, held in the beautiful industrial venue in Libčice. We would like to thank the CzechInvest for inviting Tomáš Ctibor to participate and share his views during the discussion.