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  • Range: European Union
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Term: 02.10.2017
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JOP started with the simple statement that urban planning processes and organization are a major success factor of urban development and policies. This assessment led to the following challenge: how to organize urban planning? JOP is part of a wide project aiming to answer this question by modernizing urban planning systems in Czech Republic in a coordinated, integrated and interdisciplinary form of organization.

JOP advocates a more integrated vision of urban planning. It brings this question not only to the representatives and their administration, but also to the public and different stakeholders whose vision and participation to the city’s structure are essential.  4ct is leading this project by developing a suitable standardized framework able to be implemented in order to reach this objective. This framework aims to address a series of challenges and potentials identified through a comprehensive analysis of the state and potential of the area (ASaP) based on accurate and relevant data. The mobilization of experienced experts and knowledgeable politicians working hand-in-hand with an informed a responsibly active public then provides solid foundations for a sustainable development of the city. 

Although JOP’s framework is still developing, it was successfully used during the radical transformation of Prague Urban Development Authorities (ÚRM) into Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR). The experience of this conversation was then reproduced in the development of the Architect’s Office in Brno (KAM Brno) and in Karlovy Vary (KAM KV). These achievements keep the process ongoing as several cities are now considering the transformation of their urban planning authority. 4ct is currently working on the potential creation of an Architect’s Office in Ústí nad Labem: a sounding board composed of experts was commissioned to work on its future structure. Each institution is unique and was designed according to the needs, potentials and context of the city analysed through ASaP system. This tailor-made structure ensures that each city is endowed with appropriate tools to tackle its very specific urban challenges.  

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