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  • Term: 01.08.2016
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Service offered by 4ct, AS[a]P matrix is a unique methodology ensuring a clear and objective analysis of the current state and potential of a defined area.

AS[a]P enables to obtain relevant knowledge of the given area through data in context. The purpose of AS[a]P is to combine all relevant resources and to obtain the necessary context for qualified decision making. It consists in structuring current information and completing it, so that it can show the city in context and design adequate projects considering its situation. 

The AS[a]P method structures territory information and categorizes it into three main parts: Contexts, Limits, InfrastructuresPrior to the beginning of the analysis, it is mandatory to define priorities that will define the level of detail of data retrieving. 

Based on parameters and data collected, it is possible to project the potential of the area through two scenarios representing the minimum and maximum option of development possible. These predictions are then economically assessed in order to converge into one possible and most likely scenario that serves as a basis for the area’s future strategy.  

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