KAM Brno

The Architect's Office of the City of Brno (KAM Brno) is a structure assisting the city of Brno with the questions related to urban and strategic planning. Created on the basis of an analysis of the city's situation and needs, KAM Brno is the result of a process led by 4ct in collaboration with the city representatives and stakeholders.

KAM Brno is the second achievement of the long-term research project JOP which deals with the methods and organization of urban planning. KAM Brno is an autonomous city-funded and controlled structure in charge of strategic planning, conceptualization of the city’s future and communication with the public about urban matters. KAM is an active mediator and process coordinator and is a guarantee of knowledge and professional input into the discussion. Its structure is the implementation of 4ct’s proposal of a model of urban planning organization that was successfully implemented in Prague, Brno and Karlovy Vary. 

If the model is common, each structure is unique in its implementationTherefore KAM Brno is the result of a complex creation process that starts with the comprehensive analysis of state of planning prior the creation of this new structure. The identification of issues, challenges, lacks and needs are a necessary step to create the most relevant and adequate organization. KAM Brno was created in close collaboration with its first Director and the very first core of employees who contributed to designing the office. The role, competencies and structure of the Office are determined with the local authorities while its scope of action and relationship to the administrative structure are clearly defined and framed.

Zelný trh 331/13, 602 00 Brno-střed-Brno-město, Czechia