• Range: 13 ha
  • Status: Suspended
  • Term: 30.11.2015
  • -

The project’s main goal was to elaborate a new development plan for the investor’s land in the periphery of the city of Bašť. However, its ambition was also to avoid turning this operation into a classical example of “urban sprawl”, but instead to ensure a natural transition to the historical structure of the municipality. It also aims to create a pleasant place to live in, able to seduce current inhabitants and to attract new residents. For this purpose, 4ct’s proposal for the project offered a variety of settings : adequate and varied public spaces and facilities, a permeable environment and a direct connection to the countryside, an environmentally-friendly and sustainable approach to the chosen technologies and an overall urban plan ensuring the land’s long-term development.

The Na Dlouhých site is located on the access road to Bašť on the way from Klíčany / the D8 motorway. The current city ofBašť was created by merging two separate villages, Bašťand Baštěk. 

The newly created development area will transfer the centre of gravity of Bašť eastward. Indeed, the countryside around Bašť was not environmentally balanced for several reasons as it primarily consisted of extensive fields. Moreover, the riverbank of the Zlonínskýriver was not maintained and thus suffered from a lack of attractiveness and shortcomings in terms of safety as there were no flood protection measures or facilities. In contrast, the project planned to restore the riverbank and make it accessible while developing a specific biotope around the stream. It also proposed a smooth transition from the urban housing complex to the rural countryside through a natural border made of orchards that historically formed a natural interface. Finally, the plan offered to rehabilitate and complete the rural pathways while restoring the rural vegetation and greeneries. 

The assignment strongly emphasized the need to provide adequate, attractive and welcoming public spaces and greenery. The design of the buildings has been adjusted to match the scale of the local environment in order to ensure a balanced interaction and a smooth transition between private lands and public spaces. Community life and local businesses will be supported by allowing the implantation of small craft businesses in houses and by providing a series of multifunctional social infrastructures, which can operate as a kindergarteand meeting places for inhabitants.

Na Dlouhých, obec Bášť, Praha Východ