The Architect’s Office of the City of Karlovy Vary (KAM KV) is already a third project implemented as part of long-term research project JOP. It is a structure assisting the city of Brno with the questions related to urban and strategic planning. Created on the basis of an analysis of the city's situation and needs, KAM KV is the result of a process led by 4ct in collaboration with the city representatives and stakeholders.

After the previous projects of KAM Brno and IPR Praha, it is a proposal for a model of urban planning organization: it includes the institution’s structurerelation to the existing structure of the municipality and state administration, roles and competenciesKAM KV is the concrete implementation of this proposal: it is an autonomous city-funded and controlled structure in charge of urban planning and communication with the public about urban matters. KAM is also an active mediator and process coordinator and guarantee that knowledge and professional expertise are brought into discussion, debates and decision-making.  

KAM KV is the input of a complex creation process that started with the analysis of the state of city planning organization prior to the birth of KAM. After identifying its challenges, issues and lacks, 4ct was able to create a unique structure matching these needs and based on the results of JOP research project. A small group of employees and a Director were firstly recruited and charged of designing the structure’s organization and strategy adapted to the context of the City of Karlovy Vary. KAM KV’s agenda and relationship with administrative structures is clearly defined and delimited. 

nábř. J. Palacha 932/20, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czechia